Nov 5, 2009

A Christian Against "Christianity"

I am a Christian - but I am often times against "Christianity". I know this sounds strange to many, but let me try to explain.

"Christianity" is often defined (either by actual words or actions) as a particular set of doctrines or a system of ideas. I do not believe that this is what the Church is or was ever meant to be.

"Christianity" is sometimes, more rightly, defined to embrace not only her beliefs (doctrines), but also the practices of the Church. Her liturgies and ways of living in community. -- This is far better, but insofar as the beliefs and practices of Christianity are seen as "religious" beliefs and practices over against "secular" or "political" or "social" practices -- insofar as "Christianity" is seen as a "religious" layer added onto human life -- this definition still misses the mark.

This is the error of "Christianity"!

The Church is a new creation and Christians are those who participate in this new creation. All of the Christian's life is transformed, not just the "religious" part.