Apr 13, 2009

Getting Started: Introduction

This will be the first post on this blog, so I think it best to say a little (very little) about myself and the purpose of this blog. 

I love Christ and His people, the church. I love my wife. I love my children. I'm the guy sitting with my family in the pew or chairs behind, beside or in front of you at your local church meeting. 

I have no advanced degree in theology. I have never attended a seminary. I most certainly have more questions than answers. 

The purpose of this blog is to 'test the waters' and see if there are others, like me, who look at the American Church landscape and think, "What's wrong?". Another goal of mine is to remain as anonymous as possible while doing this. It's simply not about me and I want to keep it that way.

May the lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering!



  1. Let me assure you, you are not the only one and you are not crazy!

  2. Arthur,

    Thanks for the encouragement.