Apr 18, 2009

The Bride has Amnesia

I'm going to go out on a limb. Not too far out, just one step. -- The Church (the bride of Jesus Christ) has forgotten who/what she is. Is this a fair statement or not? Of course, this begs the question; "who are we and what are we to be about the business of"?

It's not my intention to 'have all the answers'. It is my intention to get us thinking. Looking at the 'landscape' of the church, it seems that the culture around us has great influence in/on the church. Shouldn't this be reversed? Isn't it the church's mission to transform the culture? I'm convinced that our corporate amnesia is a huge part of the reason why we are failing to transform the culture around us. If we don't understand who (whose) we are and what we are to be about the business of, then we will find ourselves ................ well, where we are right now.


Wade B.

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