May 1, 2009

Who did you say you were?

Some of the confusion in the Church comes about because we simply don't know who we are. And because we don't know who we are, we don't know what we are to be doing. I realize there is a lot in those statements, much more than can be covered in one post, but here is where I am convinced we can begin to unpack some of what is foundational to our understanding of who and what the Church is.

I am certainly not trying to give an exhaustive definition of the Church. I've heard it said of artists that when they begin painting a picture they start with the background and finish with the detailed portions of the foreground. I think its most helpful to do the same with understanding the Church. Start with overarching principles, then move to the details. So, overall, who are we?

The Church is the new creation. The Church is a new humanity, created in, for and by Christ Jesus. We have been recreated in Christ to live together before God the way humanity was always intended to live before God. 

Wade B.

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